PALS Panel

PALS Panel MultiCam 01.jpg
PALS Panel MultiCam 01.jpg

PALS Panel


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• Weight: 110g (3.8oz)

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The PALS panel is a modular panel designed to be attached to any plate carrier that uses vertically mounted QASM buckles. It features a 4" x 8" patch of hook Velcro sewn to the rear that can be used to interface with the host carrier. A corresponding loop Velcro cover is included, when not in use. The user can add optional quick release side straps (not included) for added security if required.

The benefit to this system is that instead of having pouches directly affixed to the plate carrier, they can now be attached to the panel. This allows the user the ability to quickly remove or reconfigure the load out buy swapping additional PALS panels that are set up in other configurations. This is especially handy if the user frequently switches out weapon systems.

The PALS panel can be custom made to any length or height. Contact us for details.

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