Patrolling Rig V4

Patrolling Rig V4 Coyote Brown.jpg
Patrolling Rig V4 Coyote Brown.jpg

Patrolling Rig V4


Designed to effectively carry enough equipment for a sustained fight, the Patrolling Rig V4 is a no-compromise solution for any scenario. Whether you are conducting a long range recce patrol, or fighting in a built-up area, this rig will carry what you need.

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The Patrolling Rig V4 is a multi-role, load bearing rig, designed to effectively carry fighting equipment, without adding noticeable bulk or weight. It was developed to provide users with a simple, low profile system that could haul gear, while evenly distributing weight for extended periods of time. The rig consists of two main panels and a harness, both of which are constructed from our laser-cut Cordura laminate. The rig is fully adjustable and optimized for use with armour. It also features a split-front design with an adjustable side-release buckle closure, making it quick and easy to take on and off, especially over other equipment.


The harness features wide shoulder straps, designed to help spread the load weight evenly, despite having no padding. The flexible nature of the Cordura laminate, allow the rig to conform to the user’s shape without creating pressure points.


The Patrolling Rig V4 is constructed using only quality materials. Every component was selected with durability and function being paramount. All of the hardware used on the Patrolling Rig V4 is made from Acetal, and moulded in North America.


We can customize or modify the Patrolling Rig V4 by request. Some modifications may be subject to additional charges. If you need alterations contact us directly and we will quote you a price.


The harness cut is optimized to allow the maximum range of motion while still being capable of proper load distribution. There are also no sewn down bands of webbing on the back to interfere with ruck sacks.


The harness straps are cut with extra length and are adjustable for height. Additionally, the waist strap is also cut longer than needed and uses a 1.5” Ladderloc buckle to adjust for girth. Elastic loops are included to manage any loose webbing.


The harness straps are reinforced for maximum strength. All four harness attachment points use 1.5” triglides sewn to the panels with reinforced stitching.


Coyote Brown shown, with Optional Rear Panel (Not Included)