Modular Gun Belt Update

The latest preproduction version of the Modular Gun Belt. To recap, the MGB is a rigid outer belt system, that is made with 1.75" (45mm) and features an adjustable Cobra Buckle closer. The outer face of the belt is covered with a laser cut laminate PALS grid, which allows the user to attached a variety of compatible accessories. The back side of the belt is lined with our special dual-faced hook and loop, which is made to mate with Liner Belt V2, or belt pads which are under development.

Since the last post, some size adjustments have been made to the laminate exterior as well as the overall size of the belt. We've also switched to a special velcro-lined elastic loop for tail management, and of course the d-ring version of the Cobra buckle will now be oxidized black. Standard buckles without the d-ring will be available as well.

40mm Less Lethal Pouch

This pouch is specifically designed for the longer, less lethal 40mm rounds, commonly used by police and military. This is the first pouch we have made that is entirely constructed of laser cut laminate, and features a flapped hook & loop closure, with a shock cord tension around the body. The bottom sides of the pouch are open to allow drainage, and because of the laminate body, the pouch will not retain water, making ideally suited for amphibious operations. The back of the pouch has a built in PALS compatible mounting system that uses a simple reinforced tab for closure. Not only is this pouch tough as nails, but the entire pouch weighs only 30g!

Renegade V2 Prototype

The first shots of our newly reimagined Renegade V2. This is the pre-production prototype, but is inline with the attention to detail customers expect from our gear. The belt is made from two layers of 1.75" (45mm) webbing, and features an AutriAlpin Cobra buckle closure. These will be available in the standard or D-Ring version (shown). The D-Ring version has a special low profile securing tab which keeps the loop tucked in when not in use.

The belt is lined with 1.5" loop material, which will be used to engage with our battle belt sleeve (under development), and can also be used to add belt pads. As opposed to using more hook and loop to secure the adjustment tail, we've designed a special elastic keeper that has a hook lining which engages the inside of the belt. This allows the user to preposition the keeper anywhere along the belt and prevents it from slipping when threading through pant loops. The keeper can also be completely removed if not needed, such as when the belt is being deployed inside a sleeve.

M81 Woodland with Cobra D-Ring shown

Modular Gun Belt Prototype

In response to user feedback with our original prototype, the Modular Belt System, we've developed another belt system which we are calling the Modular Gun Belt. From the ground up, it is designed to be a minimalist system, featuring an outer load-bearing belt and an inner liner belt (not pictured). The outer belt is constructed or 45mm (1.75") webbing and uses an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle for the closure. What sets this belt apart from the average rigger's belt, is that along the outside we've attached a laser cut PALS grid, made from Cordura laminate. The slots are spaced in such a way that the user can weave MOLLE pouches on using the two narrow portions of laminate, or accessories can be attached to the wider centreline. Along the inside we've used a special hybrid hook & loop material that will grip to any type of hook OR loop liner belt. On this prototype we have used Velcro One-Wrap for tail management, which helps maximize the amount of real estate available on the belt surface.

We are working to make a production version available in MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and Black. The user will also have the choice of a standard Cobra Buckle or the D-Ring version (pictured), although the D-Ring model will feature a black oxide D-Ring, insted of the stainless that is shown.

Gear Strap Update

After some small tweaks we've made a batch of Gear Straps (Long and Short) for testing. These are very lightweight and exceptionally strong. Adding minimal weight and bulk to the host pouch, they provide a simple, low profile mounting solution that is easy to install and remove; Simply attach the strap to the top row of webbing on the back of the pouch, then weave on to your gear as you normally would, securing the rigid strap end by tucking it back into the last row of pouch webbing. When you remove a pouch from your gear, the Gear Strap will stay affixed to the pouch so you don't loose it.

Long Gear Strap shown in black mounted to a Double 556 Pouch

Quick Adjust Sling Pad

This is our prototype pad for our Quick Adjust Sling. It's 2" wide, 13" long and just over 1/8" thick. Unlike many other slings on the market with fixed pads, our pad is fully adjustable anywhere along the rear portion of the sling, and can be easily removed if not required. This allows both the sling length and pad position to be adjustable for a tailored fit to the user.

Modular Belt System Update #2

This is the latest working prototype of our Modular Belt System. As a recap, the system consists of three different components; the Sleeve, the Inner Belt and the Liner Belt (not shown, but available HERE). The result is a lightweight, low profile platform that is comfortable and extremely functional. The user can add any PALS compatible pouches directly to the sleeve or the inner belt can be routed outside the sleeve to allow belt mounted accessories to be attached.

Since the previous post, we've added sub-load access slots on the left and right to allow popular low and mid ride holsters to attach seamlessly to the inner belt. The overall length was also shortened by approximately 2" by deleting the vertical 1" webbing straps.

Gear Strap Prototype

This is our Gear Strap prototype. It is a pouch attachment system that we have been working on for quite a while. Thanks to the introduction of laser cut laminate materials, we've finally been able to produce what was originally envisioned. This strap works by attaching to the top row of any webbing-backed pouch, weaving in and out of the normal PALS channels and then pushing the tuck tab in, to secure the bottom. Substituting current attachment systems for these straps will save weight and provide a VERY low profile solution.

Modular Belt System (Update)

This is our latest prototype of the Modular Belt System. We've played with the design quite a bit since showing our original back in March 2016. This new version has the inner belt channel centred, and makes use of specially designed Cordura Laminate panels. These are laser cut to our specification, and allow the user to mount PALS compatible pouches and accessories directly to the belt sleeve. The inner belt can be routed outside the laminate panels to allow belt-mounted gear, like holsters to be attached. Like the original sleeve, Velcro hook runs the length of the back for use with our Liner Belts.

We've engineered the sleeve to be as low profile and lightweight as possible. It's only 3" tall, less than 1/4" thick and weighs only 144g (5oz) for a size medium! The prototype pictured does not have this capability, but we are exploring the idea of providing slots for sub-load attachment. Colours that will be possible are: Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam. 

Warg Collar Prototype

By request, the Warg Collar is a heavy duty collar designed for military and police working dogs. It's made from the same 1.5" 4015 webbing that we use for our Renegade Belt, and features an AustriAlpin Cobra buckle for the closure. The collar has a 1" welded steel D-ring for leash attachment and we've added a control handle which will be optional. There is also a section of Velcro loop for doggy name tags or patches. We are looking at offering these in Black, Coyote Brown and Wolf Grey.

Custom PLCE Style Belt Rig

This is a custom rig we built for one of our customers, that blends the British PLCE design with our own Patrolling Rig. The Main belt panel is 7" tall and has three rows by 20 channels of PALS webbing. It also features six steel D-ring attachment points for the harness and four steel loops along the bottom for sub-loads. Closure is a single dual adjustable 2" GTSR in the front. The harness is almost identical to the one on the Patrolling Rig, with the exception of the reduced strap widths (1.5" to 1") and two additional straps at the rear.

Quick Adjust Sling Update #2

We are nearing the final design of the slider buckle on our new Quick Adjust Sling. A little tweaking is still in order, but the overall look and layout should remain the same. The buckle is machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum, making it lightweight and very strong. The sling as pictured is only 68g (2.4oz).



Quick Adjust Sling Update

After much trialling and testing of various off-the-shelf components, we've decided to simply create our own slider buckle for our Quick Adjust Sling. The sling pictured is a test version of our first prototype, made for function checking only. This was taken right off of a personal rifle.

The slider buckle is laser cut from plastic, but the production version will be made from 6061 T6 Aluminum. We are still making some dimensional adjustments, trying to optimize the webbing path, so it will be smooth and easy to operate. Even though the final buckle will be made from Aluminum for strength, keeping it light is still a major consideration. The metal triglides and the push button QD swivels won't be standard, be we are looking at providing these as options.

Modular Belt System Prototype

This is our concept belt system, designed to fill the traditional battle belt roll while maintaining a very streamlined footprint. It is in the prototype phase so there may still be some design changes.

The system consists of liner belt, modular sleeve and a main belt. The liner belt replaces your regular pants belt and features a low profile Velcro closure. The outer face is covered with Velcro loop, which engages the modular sleeve and prevents the system from shifting or riding up.

The sleeve itself is only three inches tall and less than 3/8" thick. At it's core, It is constructed out of a proprietary combination of LDPE and Neoprene, making it an excellent blend of flexibility and rigidity. The outside of the sleeve is made up of segmented panels, beneath which there is a two inch channel for the main belt to pass through. The panels allow the user to route the main belt along the outside to attach belt mounted accessories. As well, at the bottom of each panel there is a slot that allows access to the inside channel for the attachment of sub-loads.

The main belt pictured here is a prototype that features an AustriAlpin D-Ring Cobra buckle. It's made from a single layer of 1.5" Nylon webbing, and is for testing purposes only. With this system, the user can swap in most standard rigger's belts as their main belt.

Belt system shown is in MultiCam Tropic

Belt system shown is in MultiCam with 1.5" D-Ring Cobra inner belt

Low Profile Belt

This is a concept belt which is actually an offshoot from a two belt system we are working on. This design is great for a minimalist belt and can be used as a uniform belt or as a low profile EDC option.

It's constructed of one layer of 1.5" 4015 webbing and one layer of 1.5" 17337. It features a Velcro closure, with an added steel loop to keep the belt end in line. The loop is attached via 16oz hypalon, for abrasion resistance. The hook Velcro is set in 1/16" on all sides to minimize the chance it will protrude out the side and create discomfort for the user. 

Single 556 Pouch Prototype

These are some single open top mag pouches that we are developing. They have an overall height of 5" and feature a shock cord retention. They can be attached to a modular platform with either short or long Malice Clips, and can be added on top of or underneath other pouches. We may split the design into two separate pouch styles; one taller with a removable flap and another shorter that will retain the shock cord top.

Double 556 Pouch Prototype

This pouch is a prototype of our Double 556 Pouch. It's designed to be as light as possible, while retaining some the features that add strength to a magazine pouch. We have found that so much emphasis has been placed on developing "lightweight" gear that manufacturers will sacrifice durability in order to shave off weight, often only a few more grams. Needless to say, that we don't agree with this approach.

The Double 556 Pouch pictured below is only 72g (2.5oz), despite being made from 1000D Cordura. The production pouches will utilize 500D Cordura and be lighter still. The entire pouch is lined with 420D nylon for even more abrasion resistance and durability. The pouch is generously sized so that it will accomodate a wide verity of magazines, and there is adjustable shock cord tension for removing any play. The rear of the pouch features five rows of PALS attachment webbing so long or short Malice clips can be used. These will be available in all of the usual colours that we offer.

27 Dec 2015

Below are some pics of a few more prototype 556 Pouches in PenCott Badlands and GreenZone. These ones are made using a 500D Cordura outer layer and weigh only 64g (2.2oz). Other than that, these pouches are the same construction as the Cadpat TW one above.

Utility Pouches

We've been developing a few zippered pouches to go along with our load bearing rigs. These are the first two pre-production prototypes. One is a Utility Pouch (5" x 7") that is optimized for use on our Patrolling Rig. The other is a Nalgene Pouch that is sized for the 1L Nalgene bottles. These are shown in Cadpat TW with PALS webbing on the frontside, but will be available in many other colours and with an optional "slick" front, for those that don't want or need the webbing.

  • Mil-Spec ParaCord Pulls
  • Mil-Spec Webbing
  • All Internal Seams are Bound 
  • Cordura Outer Layer
  • 420D Inner Layer
  • #10 YKK Reverse Coil Zipper

Raider Belt & Pads

The Raider Belt is ongoing project to develop a lightweight belt system and blends the lines between a traditional duty belt and a modern battle belt. It's very rigid and only 2" wide, like most duty belts, so the user can mount standard belt accessories (holsters, mag carriers etc). It also features a reinforced slotted liner that allows the attachment of PALS mounted pouches. The liner is made of hypalon and covered in mil-spec Velcro loop. The user can index their pouches using these slots without fear of pouches shifting around.

The Raider Belt can be used in conjunction with an inner, hook covered, pants belt or the user can add our belt pads to turn it into a stand-alone battle belt. The belt pads are two different lengths (6" and 10") and can be added anywhere padding might be required. Even with three large pads (pictured), the belt is only 3" tall and just over 1/2" thick, making it a very low profile setup.

02 Jan 2016

Below is a Raider Belt with pads in MultiCam Black, size small. The Pads are 8.5", which was a comfortable medium between the previous 10" and 6" pads, and will likely be the standard. Also note the addition of stand alone Velcro keepers at the front of the belt. These can be used if the user does not run the pads close to the front of the belt, or removes the pads completely.

The second picture shows the PALS compatible indexing system with a short Malice Clip attached. These slots will prevent any attached pouches from sliding around on the belt. This belt weighs a total of 290g (10.23oz), making it very light when compared to other systems.

Patrolling Rig V2 Prototype

We're working on some changes to the Patrolling Rig. These are in the test phase and if the feedback is positive, we'll implement the changes to the product line. 

The main panels of the rig feature our new proprietary reinforced construction, which drastically improves the load carriage over using Cordura alone, with no real gain in thickness or weight. This makes our rig one of the thinest and strongest padded rigs on the market. The waist strap has been relocated to the bottom third of the panel, so it rides below the rear plate, even if the rig is worn high on the body. It also makes the strap a little easier to access while wearing the rig.

The Harness is a hybrid between our current design and one of our previous prototypes. The front straps are sewn through all the way to the rear for strength and the rear adjustment straps are attached using mil-spec paracord loops for better articulation. The back pad and shoulder pads are slightly wider, to better distribute heavy loads. There is no drag strap or PALS webbing on the back, but these will likely be an option when ordering.

Cadpat TW with Average Green webbing and hardware shown