Renegade Belt V2

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Renegade Belt V2 MultiCam.jpg

Renegade Belt V2

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The Renegade Belt V2 is our basic gun belt. Strong and sturdy enough to support your fighting equipment. It can be used as a stand alone belt, or as the inner belt in a modular belt sleeve.

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The Renegade Belt V2 is rigger's style belt, designed to support your gear. It's made from sturdy 45mm (1.75") webbing, that has been doubled up for added rigidity, making it well suited for use as a duty belt. The belt is lined with a mil-spec loop material, for compatibility with accessories, and features a special elastic loop, that can be indexed for tail management. An AustriAlpin Cobra buckle is used for the closure and gives the user a quick and secure way to adjust the size.

We can custom tailor this belt to your specifications. Our sizing allows for approximately 5" of adjustment per size. Contact us with any specific requests.

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MultiCam with standard Cobra Buckle shown