Double 556 Pouch Prototype

This pouch is a prototype of our Double 556 Pouch. It's designed to be as light as possible, while retaining some the features that add strength to a magazine pouch. We have found that so much emphasis has been placed on developing "lightweight" gear that manufacturers will sacrifice durability in order to shave off weight, often only a few more grams. Needless to say, that we don't agree with this approach.

The Double 556 Pouch pictured below is only 72g (2.5oz), despite being made from 1000D Cordura. The production pouches will utilize 500D Cordura and be lighter still. The entire pouch is lined with 420D nylon for even more abrasion resistance and durability. The pouch is generously sized so that it will accomodate a wide verity of magazines, and there is adjustable shock cord tension for removing any play. The rear of the pouch features five rows of PALS attachment webbing so long or short Malice clips can be used. These will be available in all of the usual colours that we offer.

27 Dec 2015

Below are some pics of a few more prototype 556 Pouches in PenCott Badlands and GreenZone. These ones are made using a 500D Cordura outer layer and weigh only 64g (2.2oz). Other than that, these pouches are the same construction as the Cadpat TW one above.