Patrolling Rig V2 Prototype

We're working on some changes to the Patrolling Rig. These are in the test phase and if the feedback is positive, we'll implement the changes to the product line. 

The main panels of the rig feature our new proprietary reinforced construction, which drastically improves the load carriage over using Cordura alone, with no real gain in thickness or weight. This makes our rig one of the thinest and strongest padded rigs on the market. The waist strap has been relocated to the bottom third of the panel, so it rides below the rear plate, even if the rig is worn high on the body. It also makes the strap a little easier to access while wearing the rig.

The Harness is a hybrid between our current design and one of our previous prototypes. The front straps are sewn through all the way to the rear for strength and the rear adjustment straps are attached using mil-spec paracord loops for better articulation. The back pad and shoulder pads are slightly wider, to better distribute heavy loads. There is no drag strap or PALS webbing on the back, but these will likely be an option when ordering.

Cadpat TW with Average Green webbing and hardware shown