Rifle Mag Pouch Development

We've got some pictures of a prototype rifle mag pouch that is being tested. The concept is a mag pouch that will accommodate many different rifle mags, from 5.56mm to 7.62 NATO, without unnecessary bulk or an overly complicated design. The prototype pictured consists of a one piece, semi-rigid, main body and two integrated elastic webbing sides. This allow the pouch to expand and contract, securing the contents, regardless of their shape or size. The interior is also completely snag-free.

If empty, the pouch can be flattened down to minimize it's size. The user can re-insert objects without having to use two hands to pry open the top. By nature of the design, the pouch has a small opening at the bottom that allows drainage and clearing of any debris. This particular prototype also features a unique low-profile attachment system that is incredibly easy to use and adds almost no weight to the design.