Raider Belt Prototype

These are the latest shots of our Duty/Battle/Utility belt. We are calling it the Raider Belt. This belt can fill the roll of a traditional duty belt, but can also be able to be scaled up to fill the battle belt roll. It's 2" wide and can be easily adjusted in the front by simply repositioning the Velcro'd down front ends. There will also be removable keepers in the production version. The core is made from HDPE making it very rigid while the ends seamlessly transition to LDPE, which allows them to be flexible.

The belt features a liner that is constructed of hypalon and covered in loop Velcro (this will be colour matched on the production version). The liner has slots cutout to allow indexing of PALS compatible pouches or accessories. For the buckle, we used an ITW side release buckle, which is not only durable, but simple to operate with gloved hands.

  • Compatible with Any PALS Pouches
  • Compatible with Any 2" Belt Mounted Pouches
  • Can be secured to an under belt with Velcro
  • Will have optional removable pads
  • Will be available in MANY different colour/camo options
  • Removable and replaceable buckle (Most 2" buckles will work)
  • ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT - 230g or 8.1oz (as pictured)
  • Very Low Profile - Less Than 3/16" Thick 

MultiCam Tropic with Coyote Brown Velcro shown

08 Nov 2015

This is a pad system that we've developed to work with the Raider Belt or any other belt with a Velcro Loop backing. It consists of three 10" Velcro backed pads that are 3" wide and 1/4" thick. The pads are constructed of 500D Cordura, closed cell foam and mil-spec velcro. They can be added or removed as desired to change the way your belt feels and reduce any pressure points from holsters or mag pouches. With the addition of the pad system, the Raider Belt is capable of acting as a stand-alone battle belt and is suitable for all types of operations.

The belt pictured is in MultiCam Tropic and features a holster and double mag carrier in OD Green from Solely Canadian