Custom Patrolling Rigs

We've been working on developing a patrolling style rig for a more heavy load out than the smaller chest rig can carry. Below are some of the rigs we've made for our customers. They are loosely based on the design of our very first load bearing vests. Here are the basic features:

  • ITW Hardware (Acetal, made North America)
  • Padded Panels (Closed cell foam, only 1/8" thick)
  • Re-enforced stitching
  • Individually sewn PALS (sewn through all layers for durability)
  • No internal pockets to fill with water
  • 1.5" Triglide attachment points to minimize bulky buckles (can be made with metal hardware)
  • Elastic loops for strap management
  • 1.5" Ladderloc buckle for waist strap
  • Centred waist strap for even support
  • All straps originate from the harness (Continuous front to back for strength)
  • No buckles on the harness to reduce interference when using a ruck
  • No spacer mesh on the harness (collects moisture and debris)
  • Vertical 1.5" channels on the shoulder pads for lashing points 

The rig is designed to be worn low, around the waist but is also fully adjustable for height and girth. Total weight as pictured is 500g or 1.10lbs, making it quite light for it's size and the amount of equipment it can carry.

PenCott Badlands with drag strap and Coyote Brown hardware shown

MultiCam with Velcro IFF and Tan 499 webbing/hardware shown

Black with Velcro IFF and black hardware shown

PenCott GreenZone with drag strap and Coyote Brown hardware shown