Modular Gun Belt Prototype

In response to user feedback with our original prototype, the Modular Belt System, we've developed another belt system which we are calling the Modular Gun Belt. From the ground up, it is designed to be a minimalist system, featuring an outer load-bearing belt and an inner liner belt (not pictured). The outer belt is constructed or 45mm (1.75") webbing and uses an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle for the closure. What sets this belt apart from the average rigger's belt, is that along the outside we've attached a laser cut PALS grid, made from Cordura laminate. The slots are spaced in such a way that the user can weave MOLLE pouches on using the two narrow portions of laminate, or accessories can be attached to the wider centreline. Along the inside we've used a special hybrid hook & loop material that will grip to any type of hook OR loop liner belt. On this prototype we have used Velcro One-Wrap for tail management, which helps maximize the amount of real estate available on the belt surface.

We are working to make a production version available in MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and Black. The user will also have the choice of a standard Cobra Buckle or the D-Ring version (pictured), although the D-Ring model will feature a black oxide D-Ring, insted of the stainless that is shown.