Renegade V2 Prototype

The first shots of our newly reimagined Renegade V2. This is the pre-production prototype, but is inline with the attention to detail customers expect from our gear. The belt is made from two layers of 1.75" (45mm) webbing, and features an AutriAlpin Cobra buckle closure. These will be available in the standard or D-Ring version (shown). The D-Ring version has a special low profile securing tab which keeps the loop tucked in when not in use.

The belt is lined with 1.5" loop material, which will be used to engage with our battle belt sleeve (under development), and can also be used to add belt pads. As opposed to using more hook and loop to secure the adjustment tail, we've designed a special elastic keeper that has a hook lining which engages the inside of the belt. This allows the user to preposition the keeper anywhere along the belt and prevents it from slipping when threading through pant loops. The keeper can also be completely removed if not needed, such as when the belt is being deployed inside a sleeve.

M81 Woodland with Cobra D-Ring shown