Modular Gun Belt Update

The latest preproduction version of the Modular Gun Belt. To recap, the MGB is a rigid outer belt system, that is made with 1.75" (45mm) and features an adjustable Cobra Buckle closer. The outer face of the belt is covered with a laser cut laminate PALS grid, which allows the user to attached a variety of compatible accessories. The back side of the belt is lined with our special dual-faced hook and loop, which is made to mate with Liner Belt V2, or belt pads which are under development.

Since the last post, some size adjustments have been made to the laminate exterior as well as the overall size of the belt. We've also switched to a special velcro-lined elastic loop for tail management, and of course the d-ring version of the Cobra buckle will now be oxidized black. Standard buckles without the d-ring will be available as well.