Gear Dynamics Plate Carrier

This is the latest pre-production version of our Plate Carrier. This project has been a long time in the making, and has seen quite a few prototype revisions over the past 18 months or so. The carrier pictured below is our V5 Prototype in Ranger Green.

The carrier will be available starting with the base model (pictured above), which consists of a front and rear plate pocket and our basic cummerbund. The plate pockets are joined with 2” wide shoulder straps, that originate from the front pocket and are routed back through fixed loops at the top of the rear pocket. The straps are secured with mil-spec hook and loop, and have a good amount of adjustment to ensure your plates are at the correct hight. This shoulder strap configuration is inherently stronger than some others that only rely on the sheer strength of the hook and loop to hold them in place. By doubling the strap back, creating a loop, the forces imposed on the hook and loop fasteners are cut in half.

The front plate pocket features a laser-cut chest panel, that has centre grid of PALS and two sets of vertical slots. These slots allow the quick attachment of our Modular Panels, using either the ITW QASM buckle/Side Release combo (pictured below) or the ultra-low profile ITW G-hook. The spacing between the vertical slots is fairly standard, and will allow various chest rigs and placards to be direct mounted.

The rear plate pocket (not shown) features a full laser-cut PALS covered outer, to allow direct mounting of assault packs or mission specific pouches. The bottom of the PALS facing seamlessly transitions into a flap that covers the cummerbund attachment area.

The basic cummerbund (pictured), is approximately 4” wide and features laser-cut PALS channels with a reduced top and bottom height, that still allows for mounting full size pouches. The cummerbund attaches to the carrier with hook and loop in the front and back, which enables a very generous range of adjustment. At the rear, there is also a section of doubled up 4” elastic webbing to give the cummerbund some flexibility even when worn very tight. We will offer optional cummerbund sizes to ensure a good fit for different body types.

The carrier is deigned to fit a standard ESAPI cut plate, but it is not a tight fit. There is slightly more width, to allow thicker plates and thin soft armour backers to be used. Even plates with abnormal dimensions or non-standard top cuts can be used. The images below show the fitment of a medium ESAPI, as well as an example of a non-standard plate which is slightly wider and shorter, but can still be used.